Well, that is a WRAP! Season 3 is COMPLETE… and all I can say is WOW!

This week, we saw Chris Graydon take out Monday Night, and his 3rd Sunday in a row (don’t stress, there was only 1 player and the money in the photos were all props)

Shannen Deadly Taylor takes out Taree Railway Tuesday

Ole Foxie takes out Wynter Tavern on Wednesday

Michelle Norman takes out 1st at Nabiac Hotel later that night.

Nick Farrugia takes out Thursday at Forster Bowling Club

Donald Wong takes out Australian Hotel, Wingham.

Nicole Webb Wilson takes out Saturday at Taree Railway Bowling Club.

This is the Season Round-up, so the above is short, but we need to re-hash the entire Season 3.

Over this season, we saw both Jennifer Mirabito and Tom Stash win the monthly loyalty card draws for July & August respectfully. We saw Christopher Michael West take out the Mystery Door Prize at $808 (don’t worry, he was the 3rd or 4th name out of the randomizer)


BIG mention of a certain player…. Carmen Paton
Let me start by saying, OH MY GOD CARMEN!
Week 1 Tied 3rd place
Week 2: Climbs to 2nd place
Week 3: Takes 1st with a 20 point lead
Week 4: Drops to 2nd (2 point difference)
Week 5: Climbs back to 1st
Week 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 the gap just keeps increasing and getting bigger.

If anyone out here values their money, You would be foolish to invite her to any cash games, you’ll soon hand your money over to it’s rightful owner.

Another BIG mention… Chris Graydon winning 9 games this season! Congrats!!!

ANOTHER ANOTHER BIG MENTION!? Susan Therese Bramston climbed to 8th place on the overall leaderboard, and she didn’t even win a single game… Based on this, and this alone… Even Reece Turner could place in the top 25! I know, I know… doubtful.

We’ve had players pack up and leave the area, Jake Bartley, Mark Bartley, Terese Bartley, Kirra MahoneyKane Ogden… You guys will all be missed, and we hope the best for you in your future endeavors from the bottom of our hearts, we hope you’re safe.

Wow, what a season! I just hope Season 4 can live up to the joy that Season 3 has brought us all, just please… no more book burnings, had enough of that for 1 life time.

Signing out. See you all at the tables!

Final Leaderboard Placings

Individual Venue Winners

A huge thank you to our supportive venues
Australian Hotel, Wingham
Bellevue Hotel, Tuncurry
Forster Bowling Club
Nabiac Hotel
Taree Railway Bowling Club
Wynter Tavern, Taree