First Week Seasonal Gitters – Gonna keep em short and sweet

Tuesday night at the Taree Railway Bowling Club was the 1st of the month, and we did our September loyalty card draw, congratulations Shannen Taylor. the $300 GTD winner was Donald Wong.

Wednesday at Wynter saw Dave Harragon win his first ever tournament of poker. Congratulations Dave!

Nabiac Hotel $1000 was taken out by Trent Burston (Trent doesn’t use Facebook, so we can write anything about him and he will never know, when you tell him about this post, make it sound believable will ya?) Congrats Trent.

Thursday at Forster Bowlo was taken out by Grant Relf (ANOTHER one that doesn’t use Facebook, why are there so many smart people in this region?) Congrats Grantis.

Australian Hotel, Wingham was taken out by Tom Reid

Teams game was taken out by Shannen Taylor & Nicole Webb Wilson a dangerous and scary dynamic duo. Well played ladies.

Eddie Clark wins the Sunday Shootout at Forster Bowling Club

Interesting first week, let’s see what the next 12 weeks brings