Season 4 – Week 2 – Leaderboard Update.

This week was an interesting one, and good hopes for this season…

Monday night at the Bellevue Hotel was taken out by Chris Graydon

Tuesday night Taree Railway Bowling Club was taken out by Tom Stash

Wednesday at Wynter was won by John Everett and then the night time game taken out by the favorite Catherine Marone

Thursday at Forster Bowling Club was won by Bill Pitcher, with Blake Woollard taking out the Thursday night at Australian Hotel.

Saturdays Taree Railway game was won by Ben North.

Sunday Shootout at Forster Bowling Club was taken out by Maxine Williams.

Can’t wait to see how this leaderboard mixes up through this Season… It’s going to be exciting with the lead up to Christmas and all…

Huge thanks to our supporting venues for allowing us to host these poker games.