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Taree Railway Bowling Club


Poker over the Christmas Period

What is happening over the Christmas Period? Ok, so it is confirmed, we …
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Slight price increase

As of October 1st, 2019 – The following changes will be made …
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Quarterly Poker Championship (QPC) – Season 3

2019 – Season 3Quarterly Poker ChampionshipSaturday, November 2nd 2019 @ 12 NOONTaree …
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Saturdays Time Change

As of the 3rd of August, Taree Railway Bowling Club on Saturdays, …
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Loyalty Cards & Leaderboards

As of tomorrow, the Leaderboard will be active in all areas, and …
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7 Tips to Take Your Poker Game From “Meh” to Amazing

Are you struggling to turn a decent profit at the poker tables …
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Verbal Poker Tells #5: Will you show if I fold?

The question “Will you show if I fold?” is heard a lot …
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Verbal Poker Tells #4: Hesitation and Uncertainty

Some examples of uncertain verbal behavior: Small expressions and utterances like “uhh” …
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Verbal Poker Tells #3: Misdirections

Misdirections are an attempt to “explain away” the true meaning behind a …
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Verbal Poker Tells #2: Defensive Statements

Non-aggressor Speech I sometimes separate behavior into coming from either the aggressor (the bettor/raiser) …
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What a brutal last hand. Both players all in pre 5♦️K♦️T♣️ flop ...

Congratulations to Brodie Simon on winning today's game at the Forster Bowling Club. Well done mate!
🥇 Brodie Simon
🥈 Grantis Maximus
🥉 Nick Farrugia

With a power outage in Nabiac & 1224 properties affected, we wouldn't let that stop the game, so everyone got their phones out and used the torches to light the way so Bill Cartwright could split the remaining $750 with Bart and win the night! Well done guys!
🥇 Billy Cartwright
🥈 Bart Worp 🥉 Tom Scott

Congrats to Terry winning today @ #wyntertavern and Audley second Eric third ...

Congratulations to these two champions for splitting 1st and 2nd! Well done guys!
🥇 Damo Jessiman 🥈 Peter Amato 🥉 Michelle Norman

Congratulations to Dylan Jones for smashing it out today at the huge turnout at Forster Bowling Club! What a grind that was!
🥇 Dylan Jones
🥈 Gaige Mccann
🥉 Jenny Booth

Congratulations to Catherine Marone for taking out first place today at Taree Railway Bowling Club! Well done!
🥇 Catherine Marone 🥈 Donald Wong 🥉 Terry White

Congratulations to these three lovely people for splitting the cash tonight at Australian Hotel, Wingham.
🥇 Gary Bungard
🥈 Tash Sashalmi
🥉 Tom Reid

Congratulations Bart on taking the win today at Forster Bowling Club! Well done mate ...

Congratulations to Chris Graydon for taking out the win tonight at Nabiac Hotel! Well done!
🥇 Chris Graydon 🥈 Shannen Taylor 🥉 Danny Armstrong

Congratulations to Chris Graydon for taking out the win tonight at Bellevue Hotel Tuncurry! Well done!
🥇 Chris Graydon
🥈 Phil Jones 🥉 Jennifer Mirabito

Congratulations to Chris Graydon for taking out the win today at Forster Bowling Club
🥇 Chris Graydon 🥈 Billy Cartwright 🥉 Kim Rigby

Congratulations to Catherine for winning today's game at Taree Railway Bowling Club. Well done! 🥇 Catherine Marone 🥈 Bec Johnson 🥉 Terry White ...

A big thank you to everyone that turned up to the Australian Hotel tonight for poker had a few new faces some of the old faces for sadly missed hope that you're safe where you are and properties around you are going ok hope to see you back on board next week

A big congratulations to a three-way split to the big boys this week we had Tom Kelly Tom Reid and Coen Gleeson

Congratulations to Bill Stewart on his win today at Forster Bowling Club. Well done! ...

Hi players, due to the current weather conditions and fires south of Taree and potential road closures, there will be no poker tonight at Nabiac Hotel.
We are however, still going to donate 30% of what we would have made, if the game was still run.

Please be safe.

Congratulations to Booger On smashing it out at Bellevue Hotel. Way to go! What a gruelling 3way final match that was!
🥇 Booger Forrest
🥈 Sue Bramston
🥉 Peter Amato

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