Winter Cup 2023

We are currently running a Winter Cup series. 
You get 1 point for attending each game. 

To get free entry into the FINALS on the 22nd of October, you must have 5 points. 

Link to the finals here

Scoring System

1st: 20 points
2nd: 15 points
3rd: 10 points
4-5th: 7 points
6-10th: 5 points
11+: 2 points

Points Multiplier

Points are multiplied x2 in the following:

1. Wingham $1000 GTD
2. Nabiac $600 GTD

Good Luck 🙂

In the event of a tie breaker, the following will happen

i: The win will go to the player who has attended more games at that venue over the course of the month. For overall winner it will revert to the next option.
ii: If the players are still in a tie breaker, then the decider will be the player with the most overall games played that month.
iii: A random number generated wheel draw to take place in the event of a double tie breaker.

Player NameGames PlayedFree EntryStarting Stack
Gary Nelson18Yes86000
Jay Currie18Yes86000
Nathan Medhurst17Yes84000
Carmen Paton15Yes80000
Dylan Guthrie14Yes78000
Grahame Crombie12Yes74000
Grant Relf12Yes74000
Travis Boote10Yes70000
Tony Lee9Yes68000
Remi Buika7Yes64000
Shawn O'Keefe7Yes64000
Stewart Richmond7Yes64000
Corey Williams6Yes62000
Jesse Wright6Yes62000
Johnny Savic6Yes62000
Michael Kohlman6Yes62000
Chris Mccallistair5Yes60000
Mitch O'Neil5Yes60000
Wayne Fiddling5Yes60000
Wendy Paff5Yes60000
Ashton Drinkwater4No58000
Bill Cartwright3No56000
Braithen Forrest3No56000
Frank Mills3No56000
Jason Forrest3No56000
Luke Rae3No56000
Marc Degnan3No56000
Sam O'Brien3No56000
Blake Unger2No54000
Foxy Stanway2No54000
Jamie Brabin2No54000
Aaron Summers1No52000
Adrian Davis1No52000
Bary Pittaway1No52000
Brad Townsend1No52000
Brando Townsend1No52000
Brook Batty1No52000
Christine Townsend1No52000
Cooper Pinnock1No52000
Dave Hollywood1No52000
Eehan Scerri1No52000
Eric Dumas1No52000
Eric Rice1No52000
Harry Wright1No52000
Ian Bowtell1No52000
Ivy Yang1No52000
Jacob Hughes1No52000
Jaimi Wilson1No52000
John Ervine1No52000
Jordan Donald1No52000
Kay Pittaway1No52000
Lauren Mclean1No52000
Liam Osborne1No52000
Lina Urbona1No52000
Madeleine Sweeney1No52000
Michael Domergue1No52000
Nick Trajkovski1No52000
Stephen Best1No52000
Stephen Stearman1No52000