Home Events Tuesday Night SUPER BOUNTY $1000 GTD – 6:30PM @ Wingham

Tuesday Night SUPER BOUNTY $1000 GTD – 6:30PM @ Wingham

Super Bounty Poker Event: How It Works

  1. Bounty Pool Contribution:
    • Each player contributes $10 to the Super Bounty pool.
    • Example: If there are 40 players, the Super Bounty pool will be $400.
  2. Knocking Out a Player:
    • When you knock out another player, you get a chance to draw from the Super Bounty pool.
  3. Drawing from the Super Bounty Pool:
    • After knocking out a player, you draw a card.
    • If you pick the winning card, you win the Super Bounty prize.
    • If not, the Super Bounty odds continues to grow as more players are knocked out.
  4. Winning the Super Bounty:
    • The Super Bounty can only be claimed by drawing the winning card.
    • This process continues until the winning card is drawn and the Super Bounty is awarded.

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