In simple terms, the rake is a commission that is paid to the cardroom, casino or individual for operating and running the poker tournament or cash game. In tournaments, it is part of the entry fee you pay and in cash games, it is usually a fixed percentage of the pot up to a maximum capped amount.

Where does our rake go?

From every player buyin, we take an admin fee of $3 – $5 (see individual game banners for amount) which goes towards the upkeep of tables, chips and hardware to run poker tournaments.

But what about the $30 you deduct from game prize pools?

As of late, we have been using this to provide free entry into one of our other games, but this is changing…

We are going to be introducing a “MYSTERY JACKPOT“. Where each night, we will collect the $30 from each tournament, and allocate it to the required MYSTERY JACKPOT. The winner of each game will get a chance to spin a wheel draw. If their name is on the wheel draw, they win the cash! Don’t forget to check out the full terms and conditions of the promotion.

It’s really quite simple 🙂

For full terms and conditions, and how the promotion will work, please click HERE