Sometimes, some pure legends come across our tables.
These following players have won more than 1 game in a calendar week (Sunday to Saturday).

Brad Christensen won Harrington Hotel 04/04 and Shoreline Tavern Harrington 06/04

Cooper Jobson won Wynter Tavern 06/06 and Taree Leagues Sports Club 07/06

Jake Beckett won Bellevue hotel 26/05 and 27/05

Matt Henny won The Australian Hotel Wingham 14/05 and NABIAC HOTEL 15/05

Travis Boote won Bellevue hotel 07/04 and 08/04 and Shoreline Tavern Harrington 13/04

We have also a few players that have won the same game 2 weeks in a row.

We unfortunately don’t have any player that has won 3 weeks in a row yet..

Bart Worp Monday night at Bellevue hotel 6th and 13th of May.
Eric Dumas Friday night at Taree Leagues Sports Club the 8th and 15th of March
Jake Beckett Monday night at Bellevue hotel the 27th of May and the 3rd of June
Sam O’Brien Sunday afternoon at Bellevue hotel on the 10th and 17th of March

This is everyone who has won a River Rats Poker League game in 2024

Travis Boote8
Bart Worp5
Cooper Jobson5
Mataihau Ah Mat5
Sam O'Brien5
Stephen Stearman5
Codey Palmer4
Jake Beckett4
Zac Torda4
Allan Mcdonald3
Audley Walker3
Brook Batty3
Dallas Clarke3
David Brittain3
Eehan Scerri3
Gary Nelson3
Phil Black3
Reef Alderman3
Ben R Brown2
Billie Shine2
Blake Badham2
Blake Unger2
Brad Christensen2
Bronte Harrison2
Catherine Marrone2
Donald Wong2
Eric Dumas2
Gav Clarke2
Grahame Crombie2
Grant Relf2
Madeleine Sweeney2
Matt Docen2
Matt Henny2
Peter Sherwood2
Shannen Taylor2
Steve Hill2
Sue Bunt2
Sue Reynolds2
Adam Byers1
Adam Johnson1
Aldrin Morales1
Andre Cartwright1
Andrew Dent1
Ben J Brown1
Ben Prior1
Bill Cartwright1
Brando Townsend1
Branko Kraner1
Carmen Paton1
Christine Townsend1
Craig Webster1
Dave Callaughan1
Dave Hollywood1
Dirk Holdsworth1
Doug Walters1
Gordo Mcdonald1
Ian Crombie1
James Watson1
Jarryd Prebble1
Jason Schneider1
Jesse Wright1
John Ervine1
Kanchha Ghale1
Kelly Lyberopoulos1
Khalil Khouri1
Luke Rae1
Mark Wyers1
Matthew Elliott1
Michael Billett1
Michael O'Neill1
Mick Goodwin1
Nick Roddle1
Paul Slager1
Phil Jones1
Phil Trott1
Ron Gulliver1
Ryan Encanto1
Sam James1
Sauro Gregori1
Shaun Welden1
Stewart Richmond1
Tom Scott1
Tony Lee1
Vaughan Chatillon 1
Wayne Fiddling1

Some Money Stats

Poker players have paid $101,674

Poker players have won $103,109

Let’s break it down by venue/day

Sunday – Bellevue Hotel, Tuncurry

  • Total Given Away: $8,868
  • Biggest Spender: Travis Boote ($426)
  • Biggest Winner: Ben R Brown ($615)

Monday – Bellevue Hotel, Tuncurry

  • Total Given Away: $17,354
  • Biggest Spender: Travis Boote ($875)
  • Biggest Winner: Bart Worp ($1,150)

Tuesday – Australian Hotel, Wingham

  • Total Given Away: $26,902
  • Biggest Spender: Sam James ($1,032)
  • Biggest Winner: Bronte Harrison ($1,870)

Wednesday – Nabiac Hotel, Nabiac

  • Total Given Away: $19,888
  • Biggest Spender: Gary Nelson ($706)
  • Biggest Winner: Gary Nelson ($1,225)

Thursday – Wynter Tavern, Taree

  • Total Given Away: $2,788
  • Biggest Spender: Donald Wong ($141)
  • Biggest Winner: Dallas Clarke ($385)

Friday – Taree Leagues Sports Club

  • Total Given Away: $13,466
  • Biggest Spender: Audley Walker ($635)
  • Biggest Winner: Stephen Stearman ($1,010)

And some games that we have stopped in the first half of the year

Thursday – Harrington Hotel, Harrington

  • Total Given Away: $7,668
  • Biggest Spender: Zac Torda ($616)
  • Biggest Winner: Peter Sherwood ($810)

Saturday – Shoreline Tavern, Harrington

  • Total Given Away: $4,740
  • Biggest Spender: David Brittain ($377)
  • Biggest Winner: Travis Boote ($825)