Total Seasonal Cash & Prizes Won!


Gotta admit, glad 2019 is over… 

So, Season 4 2019 was a hectic Season. It started right smack bang in one of the worst state disasters that we’ve ever seen with the October/November fires, which greatly impacted our abilities to maintain and update the weekly leaderboard updates, then with Christmas right around the corner, and organizing the Christmas Ham giveaway courtesy of MEAT@Chrissos in Harrington… it was a hectic period. 

We had made the decision to not host a big Final for this season, primarily out of respect for those that are suffering hard times, and we just didn’t know if and how it would happen if it would be cancelled, or delayed much like the previous Finals… Rest assured, we are working to provide a full years of upcoming dates.

We hope everyone has had an awesome Christmas and NYE break, and games will resume as normal from the 2nd of January, with some really exciting news to come in the next few weeks. 

Here you will find all the corresponding leaderboards to this season. We hope you enjoy, and we’re planning on bringing some really cool shit over 2020

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