Leaderboards Incoming!

As of the 1st of July, 2019 we are introducing Leaderboard software. We have been trialing this software for a few weeks now, and it contains some pretty cool features. 

You, as a player will be able to login and add a profile picture, set your nickname, but most importantly, monitor your stats of how many points you have gained. 

But what's the point?

We’re going to be giving away some pretty cool venue winner prizes, trophies etc. Recognition for your skills and growth as a poker player and as a valued player of River Rats Poker League, we want to give back.

Are you going to be having a season final or a main event?

Ah! Yes.. Something amazing is coming which you’ll be able to win free entry into.. We can’t give away too many details yet, but keep your eyeballs peeled to the faceballs on the 1st of July, and you’ll know more 🙂 

Well, I'm going to be the next Daniel Negranu, what can you offer me?

Whilst we believe in you, trust me.. You’re not going to. BUT, However, we are bringing the opportunity to play for some pretty big prize money, but more on that later.. Once we have organized all the logistics, you’ll have them in your hot lil hands via this website, and our Faceballs and instajewels