2019 – Season 3

Quarterly Poker Championship

Saturday, November 2nd 2019 @ 12 NOON

Taree Railway Bowling Club

The Format:

Buy-in: $55 or FREE with ticket (Please check Ticket Qualifying list below)
Addon Options: 2x Options of $20 (Rebuy OR Addon)
Guarantee: 1st place $1,500 MINIMUM GTD
S/Stack: 40,000
Option: 30,000
Blinds: 20 Minutes
Starting Blinds: 100/200
Late Rego: Up to 1:40pm (when players return from break)

The Guarantee: We are adding $2000 to the prize pool, putting $1,500 into FIRST and $500 into 2nd AFTER the prize break down has been done after all money has been collected. We will then publish all results to all tables in a timely fashion.

This is a ticket entry game, and if you have not won a ticket, you can buy-in one $55

Free Entry Conditions:
If you made the TOP 25 of the Overall Leaderboard, you have won FREE Entry.
If you made TOP 3 places on any Venue leaderboard, you have won 1x FREE Option for every top 3 you have achieved. (Addon or Rebuy)

To those players who won a free ticket at Nabiac on a Wednesday Night during this season (Season 3 1/7/19 & 30/9/19)
this will cover both your ENTRY and both OPTIONS

Have you won a ticket at Nabiac Hotel between 1/7/19 & 30/9/19 AND have won free options?
you may utilize this and split that ticket won at Nabiac into two entries for two of your Poker Mates.

Have you won a ticket at Nabiac Hotel between after 1st of October and have won free options
This ticket is worth 1x buyin or can be redeemed for your 2x addon options. These tickets were given out to the top 2 places at Nabiac Hotel 

To those who have run games for River Rats Poker League during this season
We appreciate you, and you have a free entry + 2x options on the house.

I haven’t won a ticket… Can I still play?
Absolutely, of course you can. The Buyin price is $55

Based on 80 runners, there will be 3,200,000 chips in play with a maximum of 6,400,000 addon chips. 

Blind Structure

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Free Entry Qualifiers

List in order of Leaderboard ranking

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Free Addon Qualifiers

List in alphabetical order

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Season 3 Nabiac Winners

List of all players who won a ticket worth $110

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Entry Only Tickets won since 1st of October

Can be used for 2x life line options

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